A lot of people dream about being more flexible but never really try to achieve those dreams. What about you? Do you ever make time for regular stretching or yoga? For most of the woman, making enough time to exercise can be hard enough. They don’t even think about taking some time for a proper cool-down, stretching session or some yoga.

BUT let me tell you this: flexibility can actually help you get WAY more out of your workout because it can help to reduce the chance of an injury and it may allow for a greater range of motion. We “modern” people spend all day sitting, so our nervous systems and muscles become habituated to a limited range of motion and this is the reason, why we are supposed to do something about it.

Here are three simple things you can try to do every day to become more flexible:

There are a lot of yoga poses (let me say almost all 🙂 ) that will help you lengthen and stretch your muscles in a safe and effective way. I will share with you one of my favorite (quick, because I know you are all busy) youtube videos that you can try at home! I promise you, that if you try to do yoga regularly you will see the improvements really quick.


Rolling your muscles with a foam roller will make you a little bit more flexible. I would suggest rolling before or after your workout. Rolling before your workout warms your body up and doing it after a workout can help you feel less sore.

With a foam roller, you can target the muscles of your shoulders, thighs, calves, hips, middle and upper back, and arms. All you have to do is use your bodyweight and the force of gravity to roll the muscle that you want to stretch over the roller.


I found a perfect stretching video, which only takes 8 minutes. The Video is from Tone it Up girls, whose youtube channel and website you should totally check out! They offer tons of free workout videos and lots of good advice on their website.


Doing these few little things can put you on the path to better flexibility. If being more flexible is one of your goals, why don’t you try to take those steps and see if you notice a difference?


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